March 21, 2012, St. George, Utah, Beech 35-C33 Debonair


The airplane experienced a total loss of engine power during cruise flight at about 0930 Mountain time. The pilot made a forced landing on a dirt road and the airplane was substantially damaged as it slid to a stop with retracted landing gear. Neither the commercial pilot nor passenger was injured. Visual conditions prevailed.

The pilot reported his preflight inspection included observing each fuel tank contained about 20 gallons of fuel. While cruising at 9500 feet msl, the engine’s exhaust gas temperature was hotter than normal, and fuel flow was lower than normal. Suddenly, all engine power was lost. The power loss was not precipitated by engine roughness. During the subsequent forced landing, the pilot focused his attention toward the landing site area, and he did not recognize that the airplane’s landing gear was retracted.


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