March 3, 2010, Mayaguez, P.R., Rans S-6S Experimental


The airplane experienced a loss of control during a go-around at 1335 Atlantic time. Visual conditions prevailed. The sport pilot was killed.

The accident pilot and a friend were flying two airplanes on a ferry flight. The friend landed ahead of the accident pilot at an intermediate stop and radioed about a stiff crosswind, suggesting the accident pilot continue to their ultimate destination. Instead, the accident pilot made an approach ending in a go-around. On the second approach, the airplane pitched up into more than a 45-degree nose-high attitude and climbed to about 75 feet agl, with decreasing airspeed. The airplane stalled, then entered a spin to the left and collided with the ground in a nose-down, left-wing-low attitude, coming to rest inverted.


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