March 5, 2010, Nanwalek, Alaska, Cessna U206G


The airplane collided with a snowbank during the landing roll at about 1630 Alaska time, sustaining substantial damage. Visual conditions prevailed. The commercial pilot and lone passenger were not injured.

The pilot later stated the approach was normal, but the airplane floated a little before touchdown. During the landing roll, he retracted the flaps and applied the brakes but there was “…very little to no braking action.” The airplane impacted a snowbank with the right main landing gear, yawing to the right. The left main landing gear then contacted the snowbank, causing the left wing to drop and strike the snowbank, damaging the wing. The airport in use has a single gravel runway 1850 feet long, with its north 1000 feet closed indefinitely. According to published information, the runway is not routinely maintained.


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