March 5, 2012, Anchorage, Alaska, Learjet 35A


At about 2154 Alaska time, the airplane sustained minor damage while landing at the conclusion of an aeromedical flight conducted under FAR 135. None of the six people aboard, including the airline transport pilot or commercial pilot, reported any injuries. Dark night visual conditions prevailed.

It was the first-officer’s leg. As the flight descended below clouds, the pilots discovered that the first officer’s windscreen was entirely covered with ice, and she would be unable to continue the approach. The captain’s windscreen was partially covered with ice, but he could see the runway environment and took control of the airplane. As the airplane passed over the runway threshold, just before touchdown, his windscreen abruptly iced over. Unable to see the runway ahead, the crew attempted to slow the landing roll, but the airplane veered to the right of the runway centerline and the right wing collided with a snow berm. The airplane pivoted to the right, continued off the runway and came to rest embedded in a snow bank.



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