March 8, 2006, Kahului, Hawaii / Cessna 414A


At 1913 Hawaiian time, the airplane collided with terrain while maneuvering. The Airline Transport pilot and two flight medical attendants were fatally injured; the airplane was destroyed. Visual conditions prevailed for the air ambulance positioning flight. Witnesses reported observing the airplane maneuvering at a very low altitude, between 100 and 300 feet. The wings were wobbling at times and the airplane rolled up to 60 degrees angle of bank at other times. All witnesses said that they heard engine noises that they associated with an engine or engines operating at high power, and saw the landing and position lights on. All witnesses said that they observed the airplanes wings wobble and then watched it drop straight down and explode as it crashed into an automobile dealership. The wreckage was in the BMW automobile dealership and was completely destroyed by a post-impact fire.


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