March 8, 2007, Boerne, Texas, Cessna T210R/Cessna 172K


At 1130 Central time, the two airplanes collided while the T210R was executing a go-around. The Cessna 172K sustained substantial damage to the left horizontal stabilizer while the Cessna T210R reported minor damage. No one aboard the two Cessnas was injured.

Both airplanes were reported in a closed right-hand traffic pattern using Runway 17. While on downwind, the 172K pilot made a call on Unicom stating he was remaining in closed traffic for a touch and go and noted the T210R was turning west as if to depart the traffic pattern. After the 172Ks pilot touched down and added power to initiate a go-around, he heard the pilot of the Cessna 210 announcing that he was also executing a go-around. During their initial climbs, the two Cessnas collided. Both airplanes continued a closed traffic pattern and landed without further incident. Observed weather 16 miles to the southeast included: Few clouds at 3500 feet, scattered clouds at 25,000 feet and visibility 10 statute miles.


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