March 8, 2008, Gun Barrel City, Texas, Cessna 172M


At approximately 1715 Central standard time, the airplane was destroyed upon colliding with terrain. The commercial pilot was fatally injured and the single passenger sustained serious injuries. Visual conditions prevailed.

An eyewitness saw the airplane approach from the east heading west. When the airplane was abeam a school, its engine power rapidly reduced and it was observed executing a left turn at an estimated 45-degree bank. The airplane descended as the airplane turned approximately 270 degrees and was flying north approaching the witness from the south. The airplanes wings were level as the airplane continued to descend as it approached the witness. When the airplane neared some transmission lines, the airplane was observed making a right turn. The airplanes flight path descended slightly, allowing the right wing tip to contact the top transmission line and causing the airplane to nose over and collide with the ground. The airplane tumbled and came apart before coming to rest in the inverted position.


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