May 11, 2007, Sharonville, Ohio, Cessna 172N/Beech V35B Bonanza


At approximately 1502 Eastern time the two airplanes collided in flight. Both airplanes were destroyed following separate uncontrolled descents and impacts. The Flight Instructor and Private pilot aboard the Cessna sustained fatal injuries, as did the Private pilot aboard the Beech.

A witness in an office building about one-half mile from the impact saw both airplanes in flight: “I looked out my window right in front of my desk after [a co-worker] said Oh my God. I then saw the two planes within about mile apart and heading in a direction towards each other but not directly head on. When the planes were very close…both rolled…towards each other and that is when the wings clipped each other.” No pre-impact anomalies were detected during the examination of either airplane.


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