May 12, 2008, Cruso, N.C., Piper PA-32-260


The airplane was destroyed when it collided with mountainous terrain at 0533 Eastern time. The private pilot and passenger were killed. Visual conditions prevailed at the closest weather reporting station.

Preliminary radar data provided by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) revealed that at 0520, the target was on a westbound track at 9200 feet. For the next 10 minutes, it continued, descending to 8300 feet. During the next 120 seconds, the target entered a descending right turn, before continuing northwest at 7100 feet. Ten seconds later the target was at 6100 feet. The target then turned back toward the westbound track and climbed to 6300 feet before the final return at 5700 feet. The accident site was at the 4700-foot elevation on the southern face of mountainous terrain.


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