May 23, 2010, Ontario, Calif., Bombardier CL-600-2B19


The regional jet was being operated by Skywest on a scheduled domestic passenger operation under FAR Part 121 when its crew was forced to make an emergency landing with the nosegear in the retracted position. There were no injuries among the three crewmembers or 24 passengers. Visual conditions prevailed.

On approach, the main landing gear extended and locked into place; however, the nosegear remained retracted. The crew observed an unsafe nosegear indication. After following emergency procedures, the nose landing gear doors were open, but the nosegear was still retracted. The crew decided to make an emergency landing with the nosegear retracted. After the main landing gear touched down, the captain held the nose off the ground as long as possible. It touched down on the runway centerline, and the airplane slid about 2000 feet. The passengers and crew exited the airplane using the main cabin door.


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