May 9, 2010, Livermore, Calif., Piper PA-28-235


At 1028 Pacific time, the airplane collided with trees and terrain. The private pilot and pilot-rated passenger were killed. The airplane sustained substantial damage. Witness information indicated instrument conditions prevailed at the accident site.

The witness heard the airplane but did not see it due to fog. She stated the airplane sounded lower than most that fly in the area and the engine sounded normal. She then heard what she believed was the sound of the airplanes impact with terrain.

According to preliminary information, the pilot was receiving ATC flight-following services at 3000 feet msl. Review of radar data showed that near the end of the track, the radar target showed an altitude of 2600 feet, then a climb, shortly before disappearing from radar.

At 1053, the closest official weather observation station reported visibility of 10 statute miles, few clouds at 2200 feet and broken clouds at 4000 feet.


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