November 10, 2007, Sacramento, Ky., Piper PA-28-151


The airplane was substantially damaged at about 1600 Eastern time during a forced landing following a total loss of engine power. The solo private pilot was not injured. Visual conditions prevailed.

The pilot subsequently reported was ferrying the airplane back to his home airport after an annual inspection. After an uneventful takeoff, and at about 60 feet agl, the engine lost all power. The pilot subsequently performed a forced landing to a field. During the landing, the nose gear and firewall sustained substantial damage. The pilot further stated he thought the fuel selector was positioned to the right main fuel tank during takeoff, and that he moved the fuel selector to “OFF” after the forced landing.

After the accident, the FAA inspector moved the fuel selector from “OFF” to the right main fuel tank position. The engine then started and ran continuously up to 2300 rpm.


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