November 10, 2010 in Tucson, AZ, Piper PA-30


At about 1657 Mountain time, the airplane collided with a building during taxi after landing. The airline transport pilot/flight instructor was not injured but the airplane sustained substantial damage. Visual conditions prevailed. Earlier, the pilot flew to Phoenix to complete a flight check for his CFI renewal. He reported brake trouble, and had a mechanic inspect the brakes, but no anomalies were found. The pilot was experiencing headaches during the oral examination and terminated the check ride.

The pilot subsequently reported his brakes did not seem to be slowing the airplane down after landing back in Tucson. As he entered the ramp area, he was unable to turn the airplane. It continued ahead, and the right wing collided with the fire department building.

The pilot contacted the FAA two days after the accident, noting he was disoriented after the accident. He went to a hospital that night for examination; medical personnel discovered a previously undiagnosed medical condition and performed immediate surgery.


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