November 14, 2008, Naples, Fla., American General Acft Corp. AG5B


The airplane crashed into trees at 1824 Eastern time, shortly after takeoff. The private pilot sustained serious injuries, three passengers sustained minor injuries, and the airplane received substantial damage. Night visual conditions prevailed.

According to a pilot-rated passenger, the liftoff and initial climb appeared normal; soon it was apparent the airplane was not accelerating. The passenger mentioned to the pilot that the airspeed seemed to be stagnating and he confirmed the same concern. The pilot and passenger both checked for full throttle position and rpm, which was at that time 2150. The passenger stated that at that point the only option for the pilot was to lower the nose in an attempt to increase airspeed. The passenger said that there was no increase in airspeed and they both realized that the flight would end up in the trees. The passenger watched the pilot continue to fly the airplane straight and level to the point of impact.


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