November 17, 2011, Ulysses, Penn., Beech 95-C55 Baron


The airplane was substantially damaged at about 1619 Eastern time during a forced landing following a total loss of engine power. The airline transport pilot and three passengers were seriously injured. Visual conditions prevailed.

The airplane was in cruise flight at 8000 feet msl when the pilot requested a descent to 6000 feet due to turbulence and rime icing. The pilot then switched both engines from auxiliary to main fuel tanks. Shortly, the left engine began to surge. As the pilot attempted to restore the left engine to full power, the right engine surged. As the pilot performed remedial actions to restore power to the right engine, the left engine stopped producing power. Within seconds, the right engine stopped producing power.

The airplane descended through clouds over mountainous terrain, and descended beneath the clouds only a few hundred feet above the ground. The pilot’s first two choices for the forced landing were unavailable, so he “stalled the airplane into the garage” to lessen the impact forces. The airplane collided with and came to rest inside a 50-foot by 75-foot garage and attached workroom. After the impact a significant post-crash fire ensued, but the occupants were able to egress the airplane and the garage without assistance.


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