November 17, New Philadelphia, Ohio / Cessna 182


At about 1440 eastern time, a Cessna 182D crashed during a missed approach in New Philadelphia after the pilot reported the airframe icing up. The pilot and passenger were killed. The pilots weather briefing included reports of forecast icing conditions, pilot reports of icing conditions and advisories of low clouds and instrument meteorological conditions over a wide area along the pilots route of flight. The pilot then filed an IFR flight plan. As the airplane was vectored for the descent and VOR-A Approach to Harry Clever Field, the pilot reported that he was picking up moderate ice. The pilot was asked if he needed to change altitude and climb back to 4,000 feet. The pilot replied, …I dont think it will make much difference, Im not sure I could go up anyway. He told the controller the airplane probably got about half to three inches of accumulation on the strut part control surface. At 1438, the pilot declared a missed approach. He was instructed to climb to 3,200 feet, and fly a heading 020 degrees magnetic. The pilot acknowledged the clearance but made no further transmissions. Witnesses said the airplane crashed 100 feet from them, coming straight down and spinning slowly. A trooper from the Ohio State Highway Patrol reported rough, milky-white ice accumulations on the top of the vertical fin.


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