November 19, Bellevue, Idaho / Cessna 210


At approximately 1830 mountain time, a Cessna T210N was destroyed after impacting mountainous terrain about five miles from the intended destination of Hailey, Idaho. The pilot was killed. The pilot was communicating with the tower at Hailey in preparation for landing. He requested and received approval for a 360-degree turn to lose altitude, and five minutes later reported that he was about five miles south of the airport at 7,500 feet msl. The tower cleared him to land but the clearance was not acknowledged, and subsequent requests for position reports were unanswered. Search and rescue was initiated and the wreckage was found 100 feet below a ridgeline of a 7,539 foot msl mountain. 5 1/2 miles south of the Hailey airport. A second pilot flying the same route reported westerly winds aloft in the area of at least 50 knots. The weather station on the ground at Hailey indicated winds from 190 degrees at five knots.


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