November 19, Montgomery, Texas / Beech Mentor


At 1016 central time, a Beech A45 (T-34), operated by Texas Air Aces of Houston, was destroyed when it impacted terrain following a loss of control after an in flight breakup while maneuvering near Montgomery. Both pilots were killed. The accident airplane was the flight lead of a flight of two aircraft that departed from the David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport, near Spring, Texas, about 45 minutes prior to the accident. They flew to a practice area, where the formation flight split up and conducted individual upset maneuver training. After completion of the training, the pilot of the second airplane suggested an air combat demonstration to the flight lead, who agreed. Both aircraft rendezvoused over Lake Conroe for a standard engagement. According to the pilot of the second airplane, the air combat demonstration began with each aircraft making a left climbing turn. After two or three turns, the right wing separated from the accident airplane, which then spun to the ground. Witnesses on the ground observed the airplanes in a bank maneuver when one of the airplanes lost a wing. The right wing was located 0.52 miles, and the right main landing gear 0.29 miles, from the main wreckage. Canopy shroud and frame fragments were found 0.16 miles from the impact crater.


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