November 20, Williams, Ariz. / Cessna 210


At about 1610 mountain time, a Cessna T210L made a precautionary off-airport landing after experiencing smoke in the cockpit. The airplane was destroyed during the ensuing crash sequence, but the two occupants got out with only minor injuries. The pilot reported he was cruising at 9,500 feet when he smelled and observed smoke from behind the front seats. The smoke did not smell like electrical insulation and the landing gear hydraulic power pack was not running. The passenger went into the back seat and held both doors open with his feet in an attempt to clear the smoke. The landing gear did not operate electrically and pilot tried to pump the gear down manually as the airplane approached the intended landing spot but the manual system did not build pressure. When the airplane touched down it decelerated rapidly and flipped inverted. The pilot noticed the airplane burning freely. Both occupants got out before the cabin was engulfed in flames.


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