November 24, 2008, Whites Creek, Tenn., Beech 95-B55 Baron


The airplane experienced an in-flight loss of control and crashed into a wooded area at about 1045 Central time. Instrument conditions prevailed. The airplane was destroyed by impact and a postcrash fire; the commercial pilot and two passengers died.

The flight proceeded normally to the destination airport and, at approximately 1033, the pilot contacted the tower. After some vectoring and communications difficulty, a pause was noted and then grunting sounds were recorded on the frequency. The controller asked the pilot if he needed help and he responded, “I got it into a spin and I cant stop it.” Heavy breathing/grunting sounds were heard on the frequency. At 1044, the controller advised the pilot to climb immediately to 3000 feet. The pilot responded with unintelligible words. At 1045, the controller again advised the pilot to climb immediately, there was no response.

A nearby witness heard a whirring sound. The witness looked outside his window and saw the airplane flying in a southwesterly direction. The airplane began spinning in a counterclockwise direction and was flat while spinning. He estimated the airplane spun four times before he lost sight.


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