November 29, Wikieup, Ariz. / Cessna 172


At about 1400 mountain time, a Cessna 172S was substantially damaged when it impacted the side of a mountain while maneuvering about 21 nautical miles northeast of Wikieup. The pilot was not injured. The solo instructional flight from Bullhead City, Ariz. to Prescott, Ariz. originated about an hour before the accident. The pilot had planned the flight at 9,500 feet msl, but he elected to fly at about 7,000 feet msl, or about 1,000 feet agl. The flight entered an area of rising mountainous terrain and subsequently an area the pilot described as a dead end canyon. The pilot attempted to gain altitude by applying power and adjusting the fuel mixture. The airplane would not out climb the rising terrain. The pilot could not find a suitable landing site, and stalled the airplane into the mountainside.


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