November 3, 2011, Key West, Fla., Cessna 550 Citation II


At about 1212 Eastern time, the airplane received minor damage during a runway overrun. The two airline transport pilots and their three passengers were uninjured. Visual conditions prevailed.

According to the pilot-in-command, he flew the final approach at 120 KIAS, touching down at 106 KIAS. At touchdown, speed brakes extended but there was no wheel braking using either normal or emergency systems. The airplane then overran the runway and entered the engineered material arresting system (EMAS). The EMAS stopped the airplane in approximately 144 feet. Examination revealed the nose landing gear trunnion had separated from the airplane, the left landing gear door had partially separated from its mounting location and the engines had ingested dirt and dust. There was no evidence of any pre-impact malfunction of the normal braking or antiskid systems but the emergency braking/landing gear blow-down nitrogen bottle was empty.


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