November 5, 2011, Williston, Fla., Beech D-45 (T-34 Mentor)


The airplane was substantially damaged when it impacted terrain at about 1644 Eastern time following loss of control during initial climb. The flight instructor and private pilot were fatally injured. Visual conditions prevailed.

According to witnesses, the airplane lifted off after a ground run of approximately 400 feet. It then leveled off and accelerated. At the end of the runway, it pitched up “aggressively” to a 60-to-70-degree nose-up attitude, climbed momentarily, then yawed and rolled to the left while pitching nose down. The nose of the airplane then oscillated up and down and the airplane “fell like a rock,” disappearing behind trees. The airplane came to rest after impacting left wing first in a shallow nose-down pitch attitude after striking the top of a tree. There was no debris path.


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