November 8, 2009, Weston, Fla., Aero Commander 100


The airplane crashed into the Everglades north of Interstate 75 (I-75) at about 1843 Eastern time. Visual conditions prevailed. The airplane was substantially damaged and the solo private pilot was killed.

The flight was cleared for takeoff at 1818, and the pilot activated his VFR flight plan at 1832. There was no record of any further contact with ATC. The airplane crashed at night in an area where the only ground reference lights were from vehicles travelling on I-75.

Review of the pilots logbook found in the wreckage revealed his last logged flight was dated March 13, 2009. The wreckage came to rest heading approximately 090 degrees, with both wings, the left horizontal stabilizer and the engine with attached propeller separated. All components necessary to sustain flight were found in close proximity to the main wreckage. No evidence of pre-or post-crash fire was noted on any of the recovered wreckage. Examination of the flight controls revealed no evidence of pre-impact failure or malfunction for roll, pitch and yaw.


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