November 9, 2006, Shelton, Wash. / Beech D35 Bonanza


At approximately 1205 Pacific time, the aircraft was destroyed after impacting terrain during a forced landing following a loss of engine power about one nm from an airport. The Private pilot and sole occupant received fatal injuries. Visual conditions prevailed. The local flight had departed Runway 23 at about 1130; subsequently, a pilot-rated witness heard the pilot state that he had a problem and would be landing on Runway 5. A second witness observed the accident airplane in a slow descent toward the runway, then observed the airplane pitch up, followed by the right wing dropping. The airplane descended until it disappeared behind a stand of trees. On-site examination revealed the right-wing fuel tank was breached, and there was no fuel in either the left-wing or center tanks. First responders reported no smell of fuel in the area upon their arrival.


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