October 11, 2004, Madison, Conn. / Piper PA-28-161


At about 1748 Eastern time the airplane was substantially damaged when it impacted a house while attempting to execute a forced landing. The Private pilot and passenger were fatally injured. Day visual conditions prevailed for the planned flight from Nantucket, Mass., to New Haven, Conn. According ATC tapes, the pilot made a Mayday call and reported he was at 4000 feet msl and descending without engine power. The accident pilot reported that there was oil on the windscreen. A controller provided radar vectors towards an airport approximately four miles southeast. When the airplane was approximately two miles from the airport at 1600 feet msl, the pilot reported seeing a field to his left. The controller asked the pilot if he thought he could make the airport. The pilot said he was going for the field, which was the last recorded transmission from the accident airplane. According to a witness that was standing about 30 feet from the accident site, the airplane came through the trees, and impacted her house. The witness added she did not hear the engine, and the sound of the airplane in the trees was what initially caught her attention.


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