October 11, 2008, Cedar Lake, Mich., Cessna 150G


At 1332 Eastern time, the airplane impacted trees and terrain during initial climb from a private airstrip. Visual conditions prevailed. The student pilot was seriously injured and his passenger was fatally injured.

The student pilot had reportedly sold the airplane to the passenger prior to the accident flight. The passenger had an expired student pilot certificate. According to the student pilot, the passenger performed the accident takeoff while seated in the right seat. The student pilot was seated in the left seat. The student pilot described the grass runway as “very bumpy.” After liftoff, the airplane was unable to clear the 60-70-foot-high tree line at the departure end of the runway. The airplane impacted several trees before descending nose-first into a residential backyard. An engine compartment fire ensued after impact, and was subsequently extinguished by first responders.


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