October 12, Denver, Colo. / McDonnell Douglas DC-10


At 0718 mountain time, a McDonnell Douglass DC-10-10, operated by Federal Express, suffered damaged tire and brake assemblies during a rejected takeoff at Denver International Airport, necessitating closure of one runway for over 17 hours. The captain, first officer, flight engineer, and four non-revenue passengers were not injured. During acceleration for takeoff on runway 16R, the crew received a warning horn and initiated a rejection of the takeoff. Tower personnel alerted the crew to smoke and fire coming from the left gear and alerted firefighters. The crew completed their checklists and exited the aircraft via an evacuation slide. The runway was closed until replacement parts could be flown in to repair extensive damage to the aircrafts landing gear. An inspection revealed that a slat drive support rod end had popped off its bushing, resulting in a configuration problem with the inboard/outboard slats that triggered the takeoff warning horn.


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