October 15, 2006, Antlers, Okla. / Aero Commander 690A


The airplane was destroyed during an in-flight breakup at approximately 1303 Central time. The Airline Transport pilot, copilot and both passengers sustained fatal injuries. Instrument conditions prevailed. According to preliminary information, the airplane was flying on a southeasterly heading at 23,100 feet msl. At 1302, radar indicated the airplane performed a left 180-degree turn while descending at a rate of approximately 13,500 fpm. The airplane was lost from radar at 15,100 feet msl. The wreckage was scattered over an area approximately three miles long by a mile wide and was broken into four large sections. At 1252, a weather observation facility 28 nm northwest of the accident site reported wind from 080 degrees at 3 knots, visibility 1.75 sm and heavy rain.


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