October 19, 2004, Hyak, Wash. / Aero Vodochody L-39


Radio and radar contact were lost with the aircraft at 1158 Pacific time; as of October 26, 2004, the airplane had not been located and was presumed destroyed. Its occupants, a Private pilot and his passenger, are presumed to have received fatal injuries. The flight departed Boeing Field in Seattle, Wash., at 1146 and was in an area of reported instrument conditions on an IFR flight plan. Approximately nine minutes after takeoff, the pilot reported passing 8000 feet for 15,000 feet. About 70 seconds later, a controller cleared the flight to 17,000 feet. A short time later, the pilot advised ATC that he had an in-flight emergency. About 15 seconds after declaring the emergency, the pilot transmitted three times in a rapid, excited voice that he was Out of control. The controller was not able to make any further radio contact with the aircraft. A preliminary review of recorded radar tracking data indicates that the aircraft climbed to a mode C altitude of 17,100 feet but was there for less than 15 seconds before starting to descend again. The aircraft was lost from radar just over one minute after it reached 17,100 feet, at approximately 15,900 feet.


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