October 20, Seaside, Ore. / Beech Bonanza


At about 1545 Pacific time, a Beech A36 was destroyed after colliding with trees after takeoff from Seaside Municipal Airport. The pilot was killed. Witnesses observed the aircraft flying to the airport at a low altitude beneath clouds. The airplane performed a touch and go on runway 16 then made a 180 degree left turn at a low level before colliding with trees east of the departure end of the runway. According to the Sheriffs department, which responded to the scene, the ceiling appeared to be about 500 to 600 feet agl and the wind was blowing from the southwest at 25 to 35 knots. A log entry for a wind gauge at the Seaside Police Department measured the wind at 1500 from the south at 20.2 knots with 31-knot average gusts and peak gusts of 41 knots.


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