October 5, 2008, Lakeland, Fla., Cirrus Design Corp. SR22


The airplane experienced an asymmetrical flap extension while approaching to land at about 1230 Eastern time. The private pilot was not injured; visual conditions prevailed.

According to the pilot, upon moving the flap selector to its mid-position, the pilot heard a “bang” and the airplane rolled to the right. The pilot responded with “full roll input” and contacted ATC. The pilot noticed the left flap was fully extended but could not see the right flaps position. The pilot subsequently landed uneventfully using the “full roll input.” After exiting the airplane, the pilot observed the left flap in the fully extended position and the right flap in the fully retracted position.

The airplane was examined and repaired by local maintenance personnel. During the process, a mechanic found the flap actuator rod end was bent 90 degrees and broken. After removing and replacing the broken part, operational checks revealed the flap actuator motor, flap position sensors, and other electrical components operated normally with no anomalies noted.


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