October 6, 2012, Birmingham, Ala. Cirrus Design SR22


At about 1215 Central time, the airplane was substantially damaged during deployment of its Cirrus Airplane Parachute System (CAPS) following a loss of control during a missed approach. The private pilot incurred minor injuries and the passenger was seriously injured. Instrument conditions prevailed and an IFR flight plan was in effect.

While on the ILS RWY 6 approach at 2000 feet msl, the pilot reported a missed approach. The controller instructed the pilot to fly the runway heading but the pilot reported he was unable due to weather. The controller then instructed the pilot to fly a heading of 180 degrees and climb to 4000 feet. The pilot acknowledged the instruction. During the turn, he lost control of the airplane, observing the altimeter indicate a descent through 1700 feet. At this time, he elected to deploy the CAPS. The airplane subsequently descended and came to rest in a commercial parking lot. Weather observed at the destination airport included an overcast ceiling at 700 feet (1350 feet msl).


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