October 6, 2012, Mabank, Texas Beech A36 Bonanza


The airplane impacted terrain at about 0945 Central time. The private pilot, pilot-rated passenger and two other passengers were fatally injured. The airplane, which was powered by a Rolls-Royce 250-B17C turbine engine installed under a Soloy Conversions, Ltd., supplemental type certificate, sustained substantial airframe and engine damage. Instrument conditions prevailed; an IFR flight plan had been activated. The flight originated from the airplane’s base, which did not have jet fuel, at about 0845.
According to preliminary information, the flight encountered weather at its original destination, a VFR-only airport with jet fuel. Subsequently, the flight received clearance to divert to another airport providing jet fuel and which is served by published instrument approaches. An IFR flight plan from the original destination to an airport in Mississippi was on file.

The airplane impacted a field. A debris path started at an egg-shaped impact depression about 12 feet long and about two feet deep and continued on an observed heading of about 300 degrees for about 200 feet. A section of the fuselage came to rest about 95 feet from the start of the depression; the engine came to rest about 190 feet from the start of the depression. All major components of the airplane were accounted for at the accident site. Due to impact damage, the total fuel on board the airplane at the time of the accident could not be confirmed.

At 0953, observed weather at the divert airport included 10 statute miles’ visibility and a 600-foot overcast.


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