September 1, 2009, Mansfield, Mass., Piper PA-28-151


At 1053 Eastern time, the airplane was substantially damaged during a forced landing. The commercial pilot and passenger were not injured; visual conditions prevailed. After the pilot topped the fuel tanks and performed a normal preflight, the aircraft took off and conducted a local flight, during which the pilot performed a power-on stall at an altitude of 2500 feet. Shortly after recovery, the engine began to “sputter and run rough.” The pilot applied carburetor heat, maintained best-glide airspeed and flew toward the nearest airport. The engine maintained 1500 rpm. The pilot noted the oil pressure, oil temperature and fuel pressure were “in the green.” Both fuel tanks indicated “plenty of fuel,” and the pilot subsequently switched fuel tanks. The pilot realized he was not going to make an airport and landed on a highway. The left wing struck a barrier during the landing, and the airplane came to rest on the side of the highway.


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