September 11, 2009, Rock Hill, S.C., Cirrus SR-22


The airplane was destroyed when it impacted terrain at about 0715 Eastern time, while maneuvering. The solo private pilot was killed. Visual conditions prevailed. According to the pilots wife, the pilot normally flew with a copilot, who was also a flight instructor. She stated the flights purpose was to practice takeoffs and landings.

The airplane was equipped with a remote data module (RDM), intended to record engine and flight parameters. Preliminary review of the RDMs data revealed the airplane reached a maximum GPS altitude of 1204 feet (538 feet agl), and a maximum left bank of 55 degrees. At 0713:40, the airplane was at 1020 feet (354 feet agl) and an airspeed of 163 knots when it began a right turn, reaching a maximum bank of 69 degrees. The airplanes last recorded position was at 0713:48, at a GPS altitude of 684 feet (18 feet agl), an airspeed of 184 knots, and in a vertical descent of 2064 fpm.


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