September 15, 2006, Maybell, Colo. / Cirrus Design Corp SR20


The aircraft was destroyed at approximately 1340 Mountain time when it impacted terrain. The Private pilot and pilot-rated passenger were fatally injured. Visual conditions prevailed. At 1320 and at an altitude of 14,000 feet msl, the pilot reported the airplane was encountering icing conditions and requested several altitude changes. He was assigned an altitude of 11,000 feet and was asked if he could maintain terrain and obstacle separation. The pilot acknowledged in the affirmative. At 1333, radar and voice communications with the flight were lost.

A witness in the area observed a portion of the fuselage being dragged by the deployed aircraft recovery parachute. The initial impact point was at an elevation of 7100 feet; a debris path extended from the initial impact point for approximately two miles. Weather reported by the closest official observation station included winds 180 degrees at 24 knots, gusting to 29 knots; visibility 10 statute miles; sky condition clear; temperature 15 degrees Celsius.


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