September 19, 2007, Chattanooga, Tenn., Beech B90


At 2015 Central time, the airplane made an emergency landing in a parking lot, colliding with cars and receiving substantial damage. Visual conditions prevailed. The airline transport pilot and three passengers received minor injuries.

The pilot stated he observed all four fuel gauges were between the and full position during his pre-flight inspection and that he believed the airplane had been topped off prior to its last flight. After takeoff and as the airplane was leveling at FL210, the pilot happened “to look at the two left gauges and noticed that they were practically empty.” He diverted but, while on short final, the left engine “quit” first, followed immediately by the right engine.

The pilot then made an emergency landing in a parking lot and impacted a light pole. All the occupants of the airplane exited through the main cabin door with some assistance. The pilot stated that he did not have any mechanical or flight control issues with the airplane prior to making the emergency landing. Examination revealed that the nacelle tanks and wing tanks were empty of fuel.


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