October 21, 2007, Farmingdale, N.Y., Piper PA-32R-301/Cessna 152


The two airplanes collided in flight at about 1150 feet, at approximately 1753 Eastern time. Visual conditions prevailed. Both airplanes received substantial damage and landed without further incident. The Pipers commercial pilot and one passenger reported no injuries. The Cessnas student pilot reported no injuries.

The Pipers pilot, while in a right descending turn, observed an airplane out of his left eye, immediately pulled back on the control yoke, and both airplanes collided. He declared an emergency, squawked 7700 on the transponder and landed without further incident. Earlier, ATC failed to point out any traffic to the Cessna pilot. As ATC informed the Cessna pilot of traffic at his 11 oclock position, he heard a loud bang, declared an emergency and landed without further incident.


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