September 2, 2010, Lake City, Fla., Quicksilver MX-2


At about 1800 Eastern time, the aircraft was substantially damaged when it impacted a residential structure during a forced landing shortly after takeoff. The commercial pilot sustained minor injuries. Visual conditions prevailed.

Upon reaching about 200 feet msl, the pilot noticed engine coolant temperature had risen above 210 deg. F, with the normal range being between 160 and 180 deg. He responded by reducing engine power and turning in an attempt to land in an overrun area for the perpendicular runway at the airport. During the turn, sink rate increased and full power was applied, but there was no engine response. After reaching the desired alignment with the overrun area, the pilot applied full right rudder and aileron to stop the turn, but the controls effectiveness was decreased due to the airplanes slow speed. The airplane continued to turn and struck a pool enclosure attached to a home, resulting in substantial damage.


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