September 2, 2010, Redwood City, Calif., Beech 65 Queenair


The airplane impacted a salt-water lagoon at about 1158 Pacific time, shortly after takeoff. The airline transport pilot, the pilot-rated airplane owner and the passenger were killed. The airplane was substantially damaged. Visual conditions prevailed.

After takeoff, the airplane appeared to climb normally and was about mile beyond the runway when a “slight right rudder turn” was observed, followed by a correction. Three to four seconds later, the airplane rolled and turned to the right, descending steeply into the water. No radio transmissions regarding the event were received from the airplane. After recovery, examination revealed crush damage, primarily in the up and aft direction, to the nose, cabin, wings and engine nacelles. All three propeller blades remained in each propeller hub, and each hub remained attached to its engine. There was no evidence of any pre-impact anomalies or failures. The airplane, its engines and the propellers were transported to a secure facility for detailed examination.


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