September 5, 2009, Louisa, Va., Lancair 235/Cessna 140


At about 1230 Eastern time, the airplane was substantially damaged when it was struck by a taxiing Cessna 140. The private pilot in the Lancair and the private pilot in the Cessna were not injured. Visual conditions prevailed.

The Cessnas pilot reported taxiing to Runway 27, and following the Lancair in front of her at “a safe distance” while conducting “proper turns.” As she taxied up to the runway hold-short line, she lost sight of the Lancair, and then felt her airplanes propeller “strike something.” The pilot stated she “stopped” as soon as she realized what had happened. The Cessnas propeller had struck the right horizontal stabilizer and empennage of the Lancair several times, resulting in substantial damage to the Lancair.


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