September 7, 2006, Newton, Miss. / Piper PA-23-250


The airplane was destroyed when it collided with terrain following a loss of power from both engines during takeoff at 1000 Central time. The Private pilot and sole occupant sustained minor injuries. Visual conditions prevailed. The accident flight was the first after maintenance was performed on the nose landing gear.

The pilot reported that the preflight inspection, runup and initial takeoff were normal. After raising the landing gear, a left turn was initiated; at this time, the engines began missing and popping and not producing power. He turned back toward the runway and aimed the airplane for a spot between two trees while pumping the throttles. After the initial impact with a tree, the engines came back to life but the airplane contacted additional trees and hit the ground. The pilot was able to exit the airplane unassisted; moments later the wreckage was engulfed in flames.


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