Ready to Ditch

Few are ready for ditching, but a little simulation cant hurt. Dont fly over water? Dont bet on it

Flight Review & You

BFR can stand for Been Flying Right or Bogus Federal Restriction. You get out of it what you put into it

Double Vision

Something about flying a twin grabs your attention. Sitting up high, a fistful of throttles, clear one, turning one - it all adds up to a feeling of power and control.

Thats appropriate, of course, because power and control are the big issues in learning to fly a light twin. Its not a matter of having power and control, its that you can lose them very quickly when something goes wrong. Flying a light twin isnt for everyone, and its not a panacea that takes all the risk out of flying. But with proper instruction, flying a twin is, in some ways, as good as it gets.

Are Two Better Than One?
The biggest myth of light twins is that they are inherently safer than singles...

Four-Letter Words

Go to the index of any publication devoted to flight training and try to find the word accident. Hint: Dont look between accelerated stall and adverse yaw, because you wont find it there.

This apparently dirty word is rarely used in any pilot training manual or handbook. If it does appear, it will usually be part of nebulous advice such as safety is no accident or a reference to the regulation that accidents must be reported promptly.

In fact, accident training is not required for student pilots and, for all practical purposes, none is provided. This is the primary reason why most pilots are not familiar with the circumstances and trends that comprise the general aviation a...

New Breed of Sims

The next generation of training devices look and feel more like real simulators. Thats a big improvement, but theyre still not perfect.

From Big to Little

When slumming down from a heavier airplane to a lighter one, watch the V-speeds and dont count on the automation; there isnt any.

Pick Your Potion

Everyone knows finding the right flight instructor is a crap shoot, so whats that say about the state of the industry?