August 14, 2011, Burley, Idaho, Cessna P210N Pressurized Centurion


At about 1430 Mountain time, the airplane impacted terrain about one-eighth mile off the departure end of the runway. The private pilot and his three passengers received fatal injuries and the airplane sustained substantial damage.

The airplane lifted off about three-quarters of the way down the runway. Just after liftoff, the landing gear was retracted. After the airplane reached 75 to 100 feet agl, it banked to the left and descended, impacting a road. The airplane skipped back into the air, traveled about 75 feet and collided with railroad tracks. The airplane then continued another 55 feet before coming to rest. After the airplane came to rest, an intense fire initiated upon contact with the railroad tracks engulfed the entire airframe.

According to initial weather information and witnesses, the airplane had a tailwind of about six knots. Ambient temperature was 91 degrees F.


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