August 26, 2012, Dayton, Va., Beech B24R Sierra


The airplane was substantially damaged when it collided with trees and terrain during a forced landing at about 1118 Eastern time after a reported loss of engine power. The private pilot was fatally injured. Visual conditions prevailed.
At 1111, the pilot declared an emergency and advised he had “lost” the engine. The controller provided vectors to a nearby airport but the pilot advised he was unable to clear a ridgeline in his path. At 1117, radar and voice communication with the airplane was lost.

The accident site was at 1869 feet msl; all major components were accounted for at the scene. The fuel tanks were intact; about one pint of fuel was drained from the left tank and 10 gallons were drained from the right. The fuel selector was in the right tank position. The gascolator contained no fuel, and was completely dry and absent of debris.


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