February 17, 2012, Fayetteville, N.C., Mooney M20TN Acclaim


At 1732 Eastern time, the airplane collided with a pole while landing, sustaining substantial damage. Visual conditions prevailed. The private pilot sustained serious injuries and a passenger sustained minor injuries.

On arriving in the area, tower personnel instructed the pilot to enter a left downwind leg to Runway 4. These instructions were subsequently changed to a right downwind leg. A Gulfstream jet was cleared to land in front of him. He was then cleared to land and the airplane touched down on the main landing gear. The airplane subsequently encountered wake turbulence from the jet. The nose of the airplane pitched up high and the airplane lifted off the runway. He applied power and the airplane went to the left. He immediately applied right rudder and right aileron, which put the airplane in a right bank. The airplane collided with a pole on the pilot’s left side of the fuselage and pushed it inward. The airplane spun around and came to a stop. The pilot stated he did not experience any mechanical problems with the airplane before the accident.


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