February 6, 2010, Boulder, Colo., Piper PA-25/Cirrus SR20


The two airplanes collided at 1327 Mountain time shortly after the Piper released a Schweizer SGS 2-32 glider. Visual conditions prevailed. The commercial pilot aboard the Piper and the private pilot and passenger aboard the Cirrus were fatally injured. The commercial pilot and two passengers aboard the Schweizer were not injured.

According to the Schweizers pilot, the Piper and the Schweizer were in a climb attitude, heading west. The Cirrus was heading south. The Schweizers pilot perceived the Cirrus collision course with the towline and released. The Cirrus impacted the Piper shortly thereafter. Although the Schweizer flew through a resulting fireball, it was not damaged and its pilot was able to return to its base. The Cirrus descended under its airframe parachute while on fire.


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