February 6, 2010, Indiantown, Fla., Cirrus SR22


At approximately 1130 Eastern time, the airplane nosed over while landing. The airline transport pilot and passenger sustained minor injuries. Visual conditions prevailed. The flight had originated in Medford, Ore., a few days prior to the accident. The airplane was being ferried to its new owner.

The aircraft was refueled at the Walnut Ridge (Ark.) Regional Airport the day before and was then flown to Gainesville, Fla. (GNV), where it remained overnight. No records show the aircraft was refueled at GNV. While en route from GNV, the passenger became ill and the pilot diverted. During landing, the nose wheel created a furrow in a turf runway for approximately 30 feet and then dug into the runway, causing the airplane to nose over. Damage to the propeller indicates the engine was operating at the time of the accident.


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