January 12, 2007, Farmington, N.M., Beech A36


At approximately 1215 Mountain time, the airplane was substantially damaged when its right wing struck the ground during a landing attempt. Visual conditions prevailed; the pilot, flight instructor and passenger were not injured. After three ILS practice approaches to Runway 25, the airplane circled to land on Runway 23. The pilot selected 12 degrees of flaps and an approach speed of 85 knots. As the airplane crossed the runway threshold, the pilot believed he was too low and pitched up. The instructor told him to put the nose down but the pilot did not respond. The instructor then pushed the nose down. The pilot assumed control and reduced power. About 10 feet above the runway, the pilot pulled nose up again and the stall warning horn sounded. The instructor said a gust of wind lifted the left wing and the right wing struck the runway.


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